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Fenway Park, 2007 Season
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asterisks * indicate unidentified players
opening day
4.10.07: Mariners
photos taken from right-field grandstand
fenway opening day

opening day green monster

varitek warming up

Jason Varitek warming up

opening day ceremonies

opening day ceremonies

counting strikeouts for beckett

counting strikeouts

more strikeouts for beckett

more strikeouts for Beckett

fan honoring carl yastrzemski

fan honoring Carl Yastrzemski

4.23.07: Toronto
behind the home-plate screen for this game, BP only
tito being tito

Tito Francona: the weird turn pro

mike timlin

Mike Timlin - note the camo

kevin youkilis and hideki okajima

Kevin Youkilis and Hideki Okajima

scott downs

Scott Downs

roy halladay

Roy Halladay, hurrying and regrettably blurry

john mcdonald

John McDonald

green monster

the monster

royce clayton

Royce Clayton is amused

adam lind

so is Adam Lind

john mcdonald

John McDonald

alex rios

Alex Rios kept turning away from my camera

alex rios

Rios in the outfield

alex rios

Alex Rios - gotcha

5.01.07: Oakland
wherein I learn how hard it is to shoot fast motion at night
youkilis pedroia cora

Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, Alex Cora - quit the dip, Dustin

jd drew

JD Drew thinks maybe he left the stove on

lenny dinardo mike piazza

Lenny DiNardo and Mike Piazza start wind sprints

mark ellis

Mark Ellis starts infield work

bobby crosby

so does Bobby Crosby

todd walker bobby kielty

Bobby Kielty and Todd Walker would rather chat

esteban loaiza

Esteban Loaiza looks thoughtful

mike piazza

Mike Piazza looks cheerful

Marco Scutaro signs autographs

nick swisher

Nick Swisher and his hair

nick swisher

Nick is such a rock star

nick swisher

entertaining fans

nick swisher

"I just signed over there for thirty minutes!"

huston street

Huston Street passes an autograph over the dugout

on top of the visitors' dugout

curt schilling

Curt Schilling starts the game

dustin pedroia

Dustin Pedroia makes contact

jason varitek

Jason Varitek fouls right into Jason Kendall's glove

hideki okajima

Hideki Okajima comes in for the eighth

jonathan papelbon

Jonathan Papelbon comes in for the ninth

jonathan papelbon

Papelbon delivers a pitch

5.02.07: Oakland
no BP
josh beckett

Josh Beckett starts the game

josh beckett

Josh Beckett

nick swisher

Nick Swisher gets fooled on a changeup

mike lowell

Mike Lowell ready for the pitch

mike lowell

watching the swing

5.03.07: Seattle
behind the screen for this game, BP only
kevin youkilis

Kevin Youkilis wears clown shoes

hideki okajima julian tavarez

an odd couple: Hideki Okajima and Julian Tavarez

ben broussard yuniesky betancourt

Ben Broussard and Yuniesky Betancourt

ben broussard yuniesky betancourt

unidentified, Broussard, Betancourt: begging for a caption

seattle mariners

two unidentified Mariners and Richie Sexson watch a high foul

seattle mariners

"It went where?"

6.14.07: Colorado
no BP and heavy foot traffic in front of my seat
josh beckett

Josh Beckett starts the game

josh beckett

more Beckett

josh beckett

more Beckett

josh beckett

Beckett kicks nearly out of the frame

julio lugo josh beckett john farrell jason varitek

Julio Lugo, Beckett, pitching coach John Farrell, and Jason Varitek talk it over

jd drew

JD Drew makes contact (but doesn't get a hit)

jeff francis

starting pitcher Jeff Francis is ready to go

jeff francis

Francis looks like a Little Leaguer here, but he shut down the Sox

6.15.07: San Francisco
a media circus, a dying flashcard, and a great game
tom caron

NESN's Tom Caron

san francisco pitchers

Giants pitchers running sprints*

san francisco pitchers

"Lookin' back on the track for a little green bag..."* ?

barry bonds jason varitek tony randazzo

Barry Bonds pops out

julian tavarez

Julian Tavarez

julian tavarez

more Tavarez